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Your biggest problem

Here is your chance to get the SOLUTION using LOA to the biggest challenge in your life, totally 100% custom made solution for you. So ponder over this and write back to us on info@brightmiracles.com What is your biggest problem? What is that biggest issue in your life that you want to solve? What is you want in life that will make you life more meaningful and better?

1-1 Coaching

I wish when I started I had someone like this. I won't have had to go through countless books, recordings and trials and errors. Trust me there is nothing like a Live Mentor who can guide you through the process of LOA and manifesting. To avail of 1-1 coaching you could simply log onto Mentor Coaching OR you could email info@brightmiracles.com

Experiences of others

"I can not thank you enough for the coaching session this morning. I was in a really bad state of desperation and attachment and within the one hour, you were able to help me refocus on what it is I wanted in order to manifest that. Thank you so much. I will definitely be signing up for the coaching subscription." Stephanie, USA Read what others are saying

In 1984, in Baltimore, Maryland, teacher Connie Newton shared a technique with me called the 5 Minute Miracle. It is very similar to Esther Hicks’ Abraham Technique. I have references to her site on pages you can find in my site map. Can you spare 5 minutes a day to create the universal experience you deserve? It turns around any negative situation. Try using this technique to transform difficult relationships, turn an envious coworker into a friend, sell a car in record time, recover stolen jewelry Read more […]

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